Will Gilmore by James North

Will Gilmore


On a perfect day you will find me riding the rails with friends, but I’d never ride a dryslope.

What is your home dome? MK Snozone

What did you get up to last season? I went to Spring Break, went away with Colourwear plus a couple of GB Park and Pipe camps

Describe your riding style in ten words or less I’d like to think quite technical but also stylish?

Roughly how many days a year do you get on snow? About 100 days a year, but that’s both in the dome and on the mountain.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on? High Cascade camp at Mount Hood, because it was really fun and I got to ride with the pro’s.

What was the last trick you learned? Cab 270 on, I think

What was your first ever snowboard setup? A Burton 100 and single strap Burton bindings.

How do you set up your stance and why? My stance width is 21.6 and my angles are 18 on the front door and -15 on the back, because it feels natural and gives me more stability.

What one piece of advice to you wish you’d been given when getting your first setup? Get the most comfortable boots you can. If you don’t like the boots it affects your riding a lot.

Board Capita Children of Gnar This board gives me a lot of pop and is really strong. It’s a hybrid camber so has good edge control, making it good on kickers and rails

Bindings Union Contact. These bindings are very good because they have a lot of padding, so my feet don’t hurt with big impacts. The toe strap is awesome, it looks cool and hold my feet secure.

Boots Deeluxe Jr Boa. These are really flexible, but still take a lot of abuse.

Jacket/pants CLWR. I think CLWR is awesome. They look really cool and are very waterproof

Goggles Dragon NFX 2. These goggles are sick. They have quick release lenses and are frameless. I’d definitely recommend them.

Gloves Howl Keegan mitt. They are definitely the coolest gloves.

Tweaks to your set up I take the forward lean adjuster off the bindings and I have the inners from the Deeluxe Lara boot in my Jr Boa boot. I also really blunt my edges on my board.

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