Volkl Mountain Clean

Officially end of the season for most of us, but spare a thought for the ‘god like’ heroes over at Volkl and the boardplay project who have been picking up everyone’s left over rubbish on their local mountain – Westendorf in Tirol.

As part of a Mountain Cleaning Day, Volkl, Boardplay and students from Westendorf High School, get together at the end of every winter season and pick up the remaining rubbish that has to be lifted to  prepare the meadows for all the lovely animals that nurture nature. If this didn’t happen, the mountains would become garbage piles, and the pretty mountain animals would turn into the equivalent of London’s rat-pigeons. A grim thought.

The mountain, as it should be.

Remember when you idily cast away your cans, water bottles and fag butts…

– Plastics take bewteen 100 – 1000 years to decompose.

– Glass up to 400 years

– A cigarette butt contaminates between 200 – 1000 litres and takes up to five years to decompose

– Aliminum could even outlive human exsitance

Crazy to think that people still imagine that if they drop their crap it’ll mysteriously disappear into the environment, never to be seen again.

Volkl believe that more of an environmental consciousness needs to be created in “mountain athletes” through the awareness of this issue in our society ….and we have to agree.

Bound to be a jager bottle in there somewhere...


Frozen Veg. Essential for any park session.
If you don't pick up your litter, in about five years time these kids will start spitting in your mountain cafe food.
A small child vomiting because of the mess left. Actually, I'm not sure what he's doing but it looks bad and must be because there was SO MUCH LITTER.


Well done to everyone involved in the clean up…  and to everyone else, remember to take your litter with you SCRUBBERS!






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