Tom Smith by James North

Tom Smith

On a perfect day you’ll find me with a smile on my face, but I’d never be riding alone

What is your UK home dome/slope/mountain?

Mount Hemel

What did you get up to last season?

It was pretty awesome, I managed to do more riding than I’ve ever done before through my last job as a rep for 32. I had a trip early season to La Clusaz for a test, then we went on to have a couple of days around France which was rad. From there I had a three week stint in Italy then across to Morzine and that’s always a good time. I stayed on Oscar Wayman’s floor for a week and we built a park in the garden and just rode that for a week. Then the next week we even managed some pow turns. Last season was pretty sick.

Describe your riding style in ten words or less 

Tight Stance, Tight Pants, wild style.

Roughly how many days a year do you get on snow?

This year I did 37 and all of them were great!

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?

Easy, It was a trip out to Greece with The Reason – Tom Hunt and Jack Shackleton more of an adventure than anything. We got to ride some amazing pow, eat souvlaki, I pretty much slept every time we got in the car, got tattooed by a gypsy in her living room and made some pretty great friends. I even managed to forget to take my boots one day and only realised after the 45 minute drive up the mountain (sorry Ian!). So that one for sure!

What was the last trick you learned?

Pretty stupid but it was a nose press, never been able to do them but I finally spent some time on and learned.

What was your first ever snowboard set up?

All ex-rental stuff from Sputnik in 04-05ish. I had a 159W Burton Bullet, some Burton Freestyle bindings and some Vans High Standards

What are your stance width and angles – and why?

My stance is the brunt of a lot of jokes, its as small as it will go +18 -18

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d been given when you bought your first board?

At the time my first board was perfect, even though it was second hand, I bought it from a shop who know what they’re doing – Sputnik. The advice I would give is go to your local snowboard shop and listen to their advice! They know their stock and will be able to help you get what’s right, do research if you want, but don’t just trust blogs. I’ve seen people say things like “size does not matter” and “just choose it on graphic” which is the worst advice ever!

Current Set Up 


Stepchild Latchkey 149. I ride this board almost every year, its great for everything and its £310!? I like it because its soft and playful but holds well at speed, and as a bonus it always has a good graphic.

Back Up board

Either the Stepchild OG POW for pow days or something a bit more wild on the Slushy days or the Stepchild Mai Tai which feels like a Latchkey but has some micro camber back in there so its stable but poppy


ThirtyTwo Lo-Cut, possibly the best boots I’ve ever had! Super comfortable, lace up, good looking boot!


Flux RK this binding is like nothing else, strap in and you don’t feel anything but comfortable. It’s really responsive, and thats what I want from a binding.


ThirtyTwo Sesh Jacket. I really like this jacket it has everything you need, good tech so you’ll be warm and dry, loads of pockets and good style. Perfect!


ThirtyTwo Wooderson Skinny. These are hands down my favourite pants of all time, they are stretchy so they don’t rip and they’re black skinny’s what more do you want?

GogglesThe SandBox Boss goggle with the Shift lens, its perfect for every weather condition as the lens will change dependent on the conditions. and if its really sunny I wear Ashbury Vacation sunglasses because they look good.


ThirtyTwo 2032 mitt. This glove is great for me, I get warm hands so a thinner mitt is what you need.


Sandbox Legend Helmet. If you’re gonna ride park you’re gonna need one!

Crab Grab Mega Claw. you need some traction on your board.

Sticker job! you can’t ride a board unless it has stickers! It rules looking down and seeing your board, it’s nice to make your board personal.

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