Throwback Thursday: Terje – Haakonsen Faktor

Todays Throwback Thursday has been chosen by Katie Shiach from Boarderline in Aberdeen. Katie has gone for Terje in The Haakonsen Faktor.

“My rider section throwback has to be Terje in The Haakonsen Faktor. It was my first snowboard film on VHS along with Roadkill and every time I watch either films I have fond memories of them inspiring me to build my first shitty jump consisting mainly of dirt, digging out golf bunkers to stick rails in and the hunger to ride bigger mountains than the Lecht. Terje totally blew my tiny adolescent mind then and he’s still killing it over a decade later, so for that reason he has to be my throwback.”



Katie Shiach works at Boarderline in Aberdeen.

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