Throwback Thursday: Jed Anderson – In Full

It’s throwback thursday and Jonny Pickup is on, his choice is Jed Anderson in Shoot the moon however this part is not online so we are using Jed’s part from this season “In Full”

“I think my favrote part is Jed Andersons shoot the moon section, its an over played part that everyone has seen, however there is a reason why this has happened, and that is that the dude kills it on the gnarlyst rails, and most importatly does it with bags of style. you can put on that part just before sleeping/just before riding/just before sex/just before eating/just before anything and enjoy it and be so hyped to ride.”

Jonny rides for Amplid and Northwave

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 10.08.10


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