The Switchback Bindings site is live

If you can remember way back to issue 2.1 of The Reason, we featured  a piece about how some riders were taking off their highjacks for a more surfy/sktey feel to their riding and now Switchback have taken it one step further..

“We had watched the trend for snowboarding with no high backs develop over a couple of years spearheaded by sick riders on both the street and in powder. Street riders took off their high backs to make their riding more like skateboarding, whereas powder hounds were going for the surf feel.

We noticed that removing your highbacks takes time and requires tools and that was enough to put many people off trying it out. There was no need for this, so we set out to develop a binding where the high backs would pop out. Of course removing the high back means that the riders feet sit slightly further back in the binding so we developed a no back insert to keep the boot centered in the binding. The no back inserts are included for free with every baseplate.

Once we had started down this road, we thought; “why should you need tools to adjust the fit?” We then developed a system for the straps, footpads and high back forward lean, where everything can be adjusted on the spot without needing any tools. In fact, the only time you need a screwdriver is to attach them to the board!”

Add in a killer team, and an innovative new way tot buy your bindings and you’ve got something pretty exciting… Check out the Switchback site for more information!

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