This is so rad! Mike Austin, Endeavor and Thirty Two rider, is bringing his ‘Snolf!’ comp back, a fun based shred session at the UK’s best fridge, the Tamworth Snowdome. It’s a rail comp with Golf style scoring.

Riders wanting to get involved in Snolf will each pick a trick which will be their own personal handicap. 9 tricks will be picked at random and each allocated a PAR rating based on difficulty. All the riders then get to try each of the 9 tricks and will be scored and marked onto the Leaderboard straight away. The rider with the lowest score average at the end of the night will already be at the top of the Live scoreboard and be judges as the winner of Snolf 2012.

OK, now to try and explain it…

An easy trick might score you 0 (PAR) if you land it. A harder trick scores -1, really hard -2, and so on. BUT, if you don’t land or mess it up, you score +1. If its the trick which you picked and you don’t land it – you score +2! Each year the score board usually finishes with the top riders at -1 (birdie) or -2 (eagle) sometimes -3 (albatross) and 0 (PAR) somewhere mid table and Bogey, +3’s & +4’s at 10th place. Any higher scores won’t make it on to the scoreboard. Basically you just have to land as many as you can, which ain’t easy when you’re under pressure!

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