Slash by Gigi

The SLASH has a natural presence in snowboarding. It is elementary to a skillful approach. It is to navigate with power and style.

From early on in my pro career I have always had an interest and fortunately an opportunity to design the boards I rode. From the artwork to the technologies and construction techniques, since the days of Burton/Seven/Un Inc., the very essence of my pro models has been about creating a medium that expresses my personality. This is has been very important to me.

More recently, having worked with Nidecker Mfg. the past two years on the Volcom board project I became comfortable with their commitment to advancing board technology. All that I have learned has only allowed more room for me to create – this is the platform of SLASH.

Now, I continue this path, building a platform dedicated to progression, individuality and standards. Through the Nidecker laboratory we will facilitate the highest demands of quality through a quiver of boards designed for a variety of conditions constructed at a new level of precision. Joining me on this venture is Jonnie Paxson who next to me will receive his own pro model and embody the SLASH as something uniquely his own.

Drop in, gain speed and SLASH.

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