Rome’s 12 months


Here’s some news about Rome Snowboard’s new movie project, 12 Months, the first edit from which will be dropping next month…

‘As mountains crank up the guns and Mother Nature decides to bless some spots with the natural kind, it’s the start of another year of riding snowboards. Good times are here again. And for us at the SDS, it’s the start of a new kind of film project: 12 Months. A few days ago riders and film staff hit the road to start documenting the first installment of 12 Months. And in doing so, they kicked off a year in search of shred. For the next twelve months, we’ll create and release a monthly film about some aspect of snowboarding that we are into. Different spots. Different riders. Different fixations. It’s a format that gives us the freedom to do whatever we want.

The different months of the year open unique opportunities for different types of snowboarding. Sometimes we’ll probably slow shit down for mellow good times; sometimes we’ll ramp shit up with hammers—whatever we feel like doing that month. Pros, ams, regional kids, homies and assorted riders in the SDS will come along for the ride. Basically, if it feels good, we’ll do it.

The road for the November film finds us in the Rockies and the Sierras to kick off the new season. But who knows where the road will take us in the coming months. Europe? New Hampshire? The UK? Back to Revy? Maybe. If it sounds fun to us, we’ll get a crew together.

Follow 12 Months through the real-time journal on Instagram and Twitter at #12monthsproject. Like photos, leave comments, and inspire our twelve months of shred.

The first film, “November”, will drop in a little over a month from today. So watch the interweb to see what our year of snow surfing looks like…one month at a time’


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