RIP Noah Salasnek

Horrible news this morning with the passing of Noah Salasnek, one of the most influential snowboarders of all time. In the early days of shred, when some pros were still riding hard boots and surfing was snowboarding’s biggest influence, Salaz brought skate-inspired snowboarding to the front and helped launch the film career of Mike ‘Mack Dawg’ McIntire. A skate pro before he ever snowboarded, Noah pumped out era-defining video parts season after season, and changed snowboarding forever. His ‘skate truck’ pro model on SIMS snowboards is one of the all time classics and his timeless style will live on forever.

At The Reason, we vividly remember Noah’s video parts from the 90’s and would like to extend our condolences to Noah’s friends and family. RIP Noah and thank you for blazing the trail that we are all trying to follow.



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