Punk Days 2

Last year we featured a story about Joakim Boldo,  a dude from Alicante, Spain who basically decided to get of his ass and go shredding, despite the fact that he lived nowhere near the mountains and had no money. It’s the same story that’s been been playing out for decades across the UK, Belgium, Holland and more, but we were stoked on his attitude and the edit he made – raw and full of fun. Joakim just sent us his latest edit, which is here – it’s not the greatest riding in the world, but you can just tell he loves to ride… Bonus for using an AFI song before they went all weird and Goth…

“CAMPING AND SHRED Hi Im Joakim Boldo, I’m a 18 years old I live in the south of Spain (Alicante) where is not snow. This season I decided like last year do more or less the same trips to film my backyard tricks in real snow by myself with my tent, always hiking on the parks with not skipasses. I have to say I really had bad luck this winter, I only make a few trips during the winter, I was in Norway to do some street missions but we didnt had snow on the streets, later a few weekend trips to “SierraNevada” in Spain, But the summer was pretty good, back in Norway with a really good park and amazing people, and in latel summer a indoor trip to shred on the Nederlands. So this my edit of which I could film this season, showing some norwegian rail ridding.. Next time better. SPONSORED BY THE BEST COMPANY, MY FAMILY AND MY FRIENDS WHO GIVE ME PLACE TO SLEEP, FOOD, DRIVE,CLOTHES AND GOOD TIMES. (Filmed by myself and a shots of alot of different people, Edited by Benjamin Fernandez and me). (clasic shaper boards and a triple base board at the end of the video).”

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