Product of the day – Super Talent memory key

The problem with most of the memory keys available is that they’re not exactly designed for an active life. The memory itself is usually pretty stable, but the housing is more often than not made from flimsy plastic that snaps when you put any pressure on it – fine for keeping in a pocket, useless for putting on your keys where you actually want it.
While searching for a solution we came across this little fella from Super Talent which seemed to do the job. At 32gb it’s big enough for photos and a ton of video footage from a trip, or you can store and swap movies, in fact anything you need to move and store digitally. It’s tough – the body is made from metal, including the all important point where you attach it to your keyring and it’s durable to the point that you can submerge the thing without losing data – not something that we’d recommend, of course… Search online for your best price!


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