Pat Moore joins Volcom

One of snowboarding’s best has arisen from the ashes of Forum and got hooked up with a new sponsor – nice one, Pat…

Pat Moore has been a long-standing member of the Volcom Family and we are more than excited to announce that he is officially on the team. Pat has signed on to ride Volcom Outerwear, Volcom Snowboards and Volcom accessories.

“We are so stoked to have Pat on the team. He is one of the hardest working snowboarders in the industry; his style speaks for itself and he can ride any kind of terrain. Pat is a true snowboarder.” – Billy Anderson, VP of Snowboarding

“Recently I’ve been on a Garden bender. Before each day of filming I usually throw on Jamie’s part and daydream of how snowboarding used to be. Although snowboarding has changed a lot since then, I see so much similarity in the people that are true to it. Snowboarding to me is adventure, friendship and freedom. And I would say what I’m most proud of at my new home at Volcom is that it has been uninterrupted in promoting those morals since it’s beginning. Snowboarding, skateboarding, traveling… these are things that mean a lot more to me than just an activity, and Volcom means a lot more to me than just a brand. I am so happy to finally say, I am Volcom.” – Pat Moore

Pat has just finished filming his X Games Real Snow part and has now moved from the streets to the backcountry where he is also competing in X Games Real Snow Backcountry, which will be released at X Games this summer.

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