Park Life Schilthorn – Swiss shred terrain at it’s best

50 years ago, agent James Bond caused adrenaline rushes in the famous movie scene at the restaurant Piz Gloria. Nowadays, those seeking adrenaline on Schilthorn do not have to wait very long either. At SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn, riders cannot only enjoy shred sessions surrounded by one of the most impressive sceneries, but also discover one or two novelties!

“Eiger”, “Mönch” and “Jungfrau”. These three mountains mark the distinctive skyline surrounding Schilthorn and give the snowpark its very special name. Nevertheless, a breath-taking panorama is by far not the only thing Schilthorn has to offer: 40 obstacles and a total length of 800m guarantee long rides and creative sessions. Exclusively for this season, more special features are going to be available in SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn!

Funline & Airtime

One of those is called “the Funline” which is located in the upper half of the park. It includes beginner and medium features, adding more diversity to the setup. The Funline’s purpose lies in being fun and exciting for groms as well as advanced shredders.

Those craving some airtime won’t leave disappointed either when visiting SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn. Once again, this season the park will feature an advanced kicker and therefore a massive 15-meter jump! What’s different to previous years, is that the entrance to the advanced line is located right under the chill area. So, come by, chill and fly at your home base!

Events & Progression

If that’s not enough for you, the Acrobag Progression Tour will happily provide you with even more airtime! Snowboarders and freeskiers can test their aerodynamics without risking a rough touchdown thanks to a huge air cushion. Success during the Progression Session, a fun contest at the end of the week, will be rewarded with awesome prizes. Acrobag Progression Tour’s first stop at Schilthorn takes place from February 27th until March 3rd, 2019. In case you have to give this one a miss, you will get a second chance from April 3rd till April 7th, 2019.

On March 16th, 2019 Oakley Schilthorn Open is calling out for all freeskiers and snowboarders to show their talent and shred for the win! While participating is completely free, cash, tour points and loads of goodies are waiting for the best contestants.

But before the new season at Schilthorn kicks off, shredders have time to check out news about the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn via Facebookand Instagram or simply by downloading Schilthorn’s  free app for iOS and Android!

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