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Shredqueens without Limits: The Blue Tomato Girls Day at Hochkönig

Shred enthusiasm has no limits, neither age nor sex – this has been approved by the girls at the Blue Tomato Girls Day. Together, they conquered the Blue Tomato Kings Park at Hochkönig past Saturday, on March 25. And even the youngest gals demonstrated that they can easily keep up with the setup.


A Session without Age Restrictions

Rosa Pacher and Hanna Karrer are only nine years old and hence the youngest participants at the Blue Tomato Girls Day. Together with their mums, they tweaked on their shred skills all day long and didn’t even fear the medium kickers. On the contrary! Beginner or intermediate – with the coaching of Blue Tomato Team riderettes Ana Rumiha and Lisa Veith, as well as pro rider Pilar de la Cruz, the girls had best prerequisites to work hard on their progression. All 45 were unstoppable! Only around lunchtime they were craving the burgers and drinks provided by Blue Tomato. Besides that it was all about practice from morning till afternoon: “All girls were super motivated and pushed each other – I already learnt a lot today”, says Miriam Pichler who’s enjoying her first Hochkönig Girls Shred Session. “With its various lines and levels this park is perfect for improving.” At the Goodies for Trick Session towards the end of the day, all shredqueens managed to demonstrate their very own and personal progression – and oh dear, they went all in on that rail.

Girls’ Club

As always, progression was the main focus of the Girls Shred Sessions – but this wasn’t enough! In a relaxing atmosphere the one or another shred buddy was found: “It was really cool. I met Julia here at the Girls Day and I can tell that I found a new friend who I will be shredding in the park more often from now on”, Theresa Höher smiles – having a good time at her first girls coaching. “Simply an awesome day”, agrees Miriam, putting her personal conclusion of the Blue Tomato Girls Day straight.

On Facebook, Instagram as well as on you will find all highlights of the season to wallow in memories. The best pics from the day at Hochkönig can be found on the park website, Facebook and Instagram.

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