Oregon, we love you

So, after slaving away over a hot laptop since June, I finally managed to get out to the mountains. I’m in Oregon, USA with Jack Shackleton, Juliet Elliot and Mike Austin, and we’ll be travelling around what is basically the raddest State in the USA. I’ll update every day with what’s going on and when, but to get things started, here’s some shots from the journey out here. Don’t expect to see any action shots, we’re saving them for the mag, but thanks to my trusty iPhone 4 and the Hipstamatic app (making shite photos look good since 2008), there’ll be something to look at at least…

My trusty travel companions at Heathrow. Conspiracy board bag (eight years) and Burton Zoom Pack (four years)
Air Canada is the bomb. Touchscreen seat back entertainment
All I'm saying is never order parmesan and garlic wings. Tastes like vomit and smells like ass
This is how all airport hotels should be. Aloft Portland is RAD
Portland to Mount Hood. Excitement is building
A sandwich bigger than your head for $6? Yes please! We had to eat in two shifts
Mt Hood is the money!

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