‘One World’ – A film by Burton Snowboards

WOW. Burton coming in with the heat this year with the full length film: ONE WORLD.

Can we just say first hand, this is a thing of beauty.
With such a hard year in 2020, this movie will light the fires of stoke so deep in your belly, you’ll forget Covid exsisted for 44 minutes solid!

Production levels are all time, as expected riding levels are all time, music is all time…. EVERY BOX IS TICKED!
We love the way the cut has been done, with each section cohesively attaching to the next while at the same time portraying a different side of snowboarding or narrative if you will.

This film reminds us of films of old, with social media drip feeding us quick clip after quick clip, this is a much needed revisited format of an actual full film and trust me when I say, you’ll be glued to every minute.

Big shout to Burton for keeping the dream alive so make sure you show the love and watch One World here – ttps://geni.us/BurtonOneWorld




999 Ideas, 72 Days, 39 Riders, One World: A Film by Burton. 

We are snowboarders committed to the fundamental values of our sport. We are creative thinkers, colorful personalities, raw athletes, cultural icons and style masters. We are young, we are old, from all walks of life from all over the globe. We are innovators, influencers and explorers. We respect the power of our impact and are constantly striving to better this one world that we share. Whether you’ve been here all along or you’re dropping in for the first time, the bond of snowboarding spans the globe and connects us all.

We are one world.

Featuring: Anna Gasser, Ben Ferguson, Brock Crouch, Christian Haller, Clemens Millauer, Danny Davis, Dave Downing, Ethan Deiss, Jake Burton Carpenter, Jake Canter, Julia Marino, Jye Kearney, Kelly Clark, Kimmy Fasani, Kody Williams, Liu Jiayu, Luke Winkelmann, Maggie Leon, Maria Thomsen, Mark McMorris, Mark Sollors, Max Zebe, Mike Ciccarelli, Mikey Rencz, Mikkel Bang, Niels Schack, Patti Zhou, Raibu Katayama, Red Gerard, Terje Haakonsen, Tessa Maud, Timi Carpenter, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott.

In partnership with Mountain Dew®, Toyota, Polartec®, and Bank of the West.  

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