O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown

All words and photos: JAMES NORTH

#RIDEMORE – Sam Turnball getting background props dropping in.

Last night saw 4 truck loads of snow descend in the hipster district of Shoreditch, London for what can only be described as one epic rail jam… The O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown. It has been a number of years since we have seen an inner city, real snow rail jam and it was nice to see an event such as this make a return.

The shaping crews came from both Hemel and Milton Keynes

The set up was engineered by Joe Rackley, a long time Hemel local and moustache veteran. It consisted of two main rails. A down bar and donkey dick both about 6m in length, down a set of wooden stairs. The setup also featured a few other hits… such as a bus shelter to down box (or to flat), leaving multiple line options. A gap to flat over a red phone box for some serious tap manoeuvres and lastly and gap over a post box on the run out section.

Angus Leith sending it over the phone box (which didn’t smell of wee by the way)

The start of the afternoon saw 45 of the best Skiers and Snowboarders start to practise on the set up, which after an hour or so and a quick reshape, went straight into qualifiers. The UK’s best were all out there owning. Andy ‘Terminator’ Nudds was as usual bossing it, Sparrow Knox as high on life as always was bouncing around the set up from clearly eating too many sweets, Ollie Dutton was killing it as usual along with Gazza Andrews, Jon Weatherly, Rowan Coultas, Angus Leith… the list goes on.

Dutton. Real Pressy.

Legend Duncan Carr can build a sick park but struggles with a radio

Qualifications lasted around an hour before the semi final riders were announced. Amongst though who qualified were, Jon Weatherly, Sparrow Know, Andy Nudds, Ollie Dutton who ended up with the top spots. With two run heats in the Semi’s and the Finals, the guys had to put down there tricks clean in order to be victorious. The finals saw Dutton and Nudds battle for 3rd place, in the end Dutton took the podium spot with a super steezy cab 270 onto the donkey dick. Then it was down to Jon and Sparrow to fight out the last two places…

Sparrow, the energiser bunny.

Jonny Russell was in the house, no gloves as ever

Not a bad view from up top

Both Jon and Sparrow didn’t stick their first runs clean, meaning everything was down to the last trick. Sparrow had the call but decided to drop in first and nailed a huge front 270 on to regs which fired up the crowds vocal chords. Then immediately after Jon dropped in with a front one on, front one off… super clean but not enough leaving Sparrow to claim top spot.

Gazza Andrews was killing it all night

Not only did Sparrow walk away with £500 for winning, he also landed two cash spot prizes throughout the night which meant he left with a total of £700 in his swag bag. Congrats buddy, it was deserved.

This was a rad event, we hope to see this being a more regular feature to a cold novembers in London. Nice one O’Neill.


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