Looking Sideways x Vans x Endeavor

A Triple collab for you from the boys and girls at Looking Sideways…

‘Creativity and action sports have always gone hand-in-hand – something demonstrated on the latest film released by Looking Sideways, in which they document the process that saw a huge crowd-sourced mural get turned into an exclusive range of LS X Endeavor x Vans Snowboards.

The project came about as part of the huge exhibition the crew put on at the Vans Wangl Tangl event in Austria back in March. Artists featured included Ed Templeton, Schoph and Blaise Rosenthal, but one of the key exhibits was a huge mural created by Looking Sideways Artistic Director Owen Tozer from images of eyes looking sideways sent in by visitors to their www.wearelookingsideways.com site.
‘From the start we knew we wanted to turn the mural into a set of unique snowboards’ says Tozer. ‘And we had a feeling it would be the kind of creative project that would suit the guys at Endeavor Snowboards’.
The resulting LS x Endeavor x Vans boards were limited to a run of ten, with most of them given to winners chosen from those who sent their eyes in the first place.
Check the film for a quick overview of how the entire project went down’

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