Jibworx EnviroJam at Hemel Snow Centre

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It was a very warm, sticky day on the 12th of June. I know this especially well, after cycling the three miles to The Snow Centre, with a board under my arm and bag full of snowboard gear – I was a warm, sticky mess by the time I arrived, but it was my only real choice to travel to the first Jibworx EnviroJam!

The EnviroJam was put on with support from the WWF and Climate Coalition, as part of their ‘For The Love Of…’ campaign, leading up to their lobbying event ‘Speak Up For The Love Of… Day of Action on Climate Change’ this week, ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference happening in Paris later this year.

‘For The Love Of Snowsports’ is where EnviroJam fits in to the Climate Coalition’s campaign, and for us snowsport lovers, we are at the forefront of seeing the effects of climate change first hand, with glaciers retreating and extreme weather records constantly being broken. We need to do what we can in order to minimise our impact on the environment, and raising awareness and bringing people on board is the first step down this long, dangerous road.

As most of you are aware, holding an environmental event within a snow dome isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but it was felt by raising awareness of the issues, it could help to put pressure on MP’s to make the right decisions, with the potential to make a real change in this world. But things did not stop there, a number of trees will be planted by Jibworx to help offset the energy required to run EnviroJam and by working with The Snow Centre, they have started discussions with a green energy supplier – which is promising. A massive thank you to The Snow Centre for working with the EnviroJam to try and make a positive change.

The Climate Coalition had a stand in the bar to supply information about the climate change and what we can do, as well as stalls from some of the other sponsors ERV Travel Insurance, Hodr Outerwear, Brethren Apparel, Big Balls Collective. A demo stand from Niche and Smokin’ Snowboards out on the slope all helped put a real buzz in the air before the event even started and with In the Vybe Promotion taking control of the music for the event, everything was set to kick off!

The boys at The Snow Centre had pulled out all the stops to create an awesome park, with many different options and lines to choose from, which set up a great battleground for the rest of the event. Some pros where in the building too, the likes of Jamie Nicholls and Katie Summerhayes were riding around and taking advantage of the sick set up and showing the dome kids how its done.

After the warm up, skiers and boarders where split up to help spread everybody about, with the first ten minutes smooth and stylish riding was rewarded while staying on your feet, with the next ten focusing on your biggest tricks which worked really well, and really helped competitors get to grips with things before throwing down.

Once skiers and boarders had both had turns on the jump and jib feature, they were ranked and the top competitors from each category went into a final jib jam show down, where things got a bit silly. There was a high level of riding throughout the event, but everybody went all out in the for the final jam. I would love to tell you what went down, but I was riding, making the most of the rest of the slope which was left emptier than I have ever seen and got lots of epic laps in, one after another
After the dust had settled and everybody was safely back in the bar, prizes where handed out by Mr Nicholls to:

Male Railjam Snowboard
1. Colby Dane Brown

2. Rich Symes

3. Henry Shackleton
Female Railjam Snowboard
1. Gillian Finnerty

2. Ellie Harris

3. Cerys Allen

Under 16 Snowboard Slopestyle
1. Will Gilmore
2. Cerys Allen
3. Max Wittrick

Spot Prizes:
Max Jordge
Jamie Rowley
Lucy Winnard
Gillian Finnerty
Sophie Smith

It was a great day, the best event I had seen at The Snow Centre for a long time, and the second event Jibworx has put on, and by the way things have been going, I would suggest you keep your ears open for the next event as things have been going from strength to strength

by Edward Castle-Henry

Photos By Motionstoppers Photography



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