Halldor Helgason Full Part!

Here it is – Halldor Helgason’s full part from Dayumm, five minutes of madness from the Icelandic megashred – enjoy! We caught up with him to talk starting your own company, the Olympics and being lazy.

photo-by-joe-carlino-carlinojoevideo-4‘Your full part for Dayumm is, frankly, fucking mental. Thanks for putting it out there and working so hard. There’s a full spectrum of terrain from insane street to huge backcountry kickers. We love the fact that there’s just as many overcast and greybird days as there is classic blue skies in the part. Do you feel as snowboarders, it’s important to ride everything and in all conditions?’

‘Thank you so much, pumped to hear you guys liked it! What I think is important is to ride the way you feel and enjoy it. That for me is to try and ride pretty much everything, because it keeps snowboarding fun and interesting for me and the weather doesn’t matter really, you can always find something fun to do if you are motivated. Think Thank killed it on their new video title which is ‘The Weather Outside Is Weather’, which is pretty damn true’

‘The part is a full five minute long, almost double what a ‘standard’ length part is. Was that a deliberate plan or did you just end up with a shit ton of footage?’

‘I just did what I always do and that is to snowboard as much as I possibly can, while I can’

‘What’s your approach to shooting? Do you have a trick list that you start up at the beginning of the season and tick off or do you just go for it and see what happens?’

‘I try not to be too serious about anything, since it’s just snowboarding, but every year I write down as many things as I can come up with, because it feels nice when you’re able to tick things off the list – it feels like you accomplished something, hehe.  I pretty much get all of the inspiration from all the new and old snowboard movies and the skate movies as well. Now because I’ve been injured for seven months, I have really had a lot of time to think of things that I would like to try, so hopefully my ankle will be all good soon so I can start riding and filming again for the new Transworld movie’


‘You’ve ridden for some big companies like Nike, but you’re also hard at work on your own brands like 7/9/13 and atrip. Do you think that snowboarding needs to be in the hands of snowboarders more? The whole punk rock DIY ethic seems to have fallen away a lot’

‘It’s coming back! And I think it’s awesome and just what snowboarding needs, me and my brother have started Lobster snowboards, Switchback bindings, 7-9-13 belts and now I just started atrip apparel as well, so we are going all in and trying our best. It’s really cool to see that more riders are doing it, for example Joe Sexton starting Public snowboards, Gigi Rüf with Slash snowboards, DCP, Romain, JP and more Yes Snowboards, Jeremy Jones with Jones snowboards and some more riders as well. I think the smaller core brands are going to get more love again in the future and thats how it should be. For me and Eiki its never been about making millions from our snowboard brands, we just really enjoy doing it and I’m sure thats how it is for the other guys as well’


‘Are you thinking about the Olympics at all? You’re more know for street riding and video parts, but you can throw down in Slopestyle and Big Air too. Any thoughts about that?’

‘Haha, not a chance, man! I tried for the last Olympics but wasn’t even close to making it in and Iceland wasn’t even going to allow me to try because they thought I was too disgusting, haha! Looking back at it, it’s so funny and random actually, me and Ethan (Morgan) were just cruising around doing FIS contest like idiots and had no idea what was going on. We had an RV in the US and drank so much RV juice (Long island Ice Tea with an extra whisky shot) that we missed the practice on pretty much every contest, but still competed. We were never really close to making it down the entire course, haha, classic times! The day before our last qualification we did this video and we even made the song for it as well:’


Not down with the Olympic circus

‘I read another pro rider saying that there aren’t many people to get stoked about in snowboarding now, but that you’re one of the few. It’s safe to say that you’re a little more wild. Do you think that something’s missing in the sport now?’ 

‘Damn, that’s sick to hear! I really appreciate whoever said that. I guess what I would say is that it’s pretty much only the contest part of snowboarding that is getting too serious with all the insane training, coaches, national teams and gymnastic madness that’s getting in there. Thing is, to be able to be on top of the contest scene now, you have to do all that stuff, because the contests still only focus on the technical part of snowboarding, which I do not like – I think it should be Technical, Style, Uniqueness and Creativity all together that should be rewarded, it would make the contests so much more fun to watch and even be a part of as a rider.  I know myself and I’m way too lazy, unserious – and honestly – just not good enough at snowboarding to be able to keep up with those guys! I do have a lot of respect for them because they are next level good at snowboarding and I don’t like hating on progression, no matter what it is, but just because new mayhem quad corks are coming in, it doesn’t mean that its going to kill the classic Method’


‘The graphics and whole approach with Lobster seems to be much more in tune with the early ‘fuck you’ days of snowboarding. Are you just doing whatever you want there?’

‘We sure are, we want to keep it loose, funny, random and a little bit nasty at times, that’s the kind of graphics me and Eiki always used to love and we felt like a lot of snowboard graphics are just getting too boring’

‘Where is snowboarding going?’

‘It’s not going anywhere! It’s staying awesome, just like always’


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