Fivers for Trannys – AGAIN

Our favourite event of last year is back with a bang on Friday 26th July at Snozone Castleford

Shred a unique course, never before seen in the UK! This is a session that rewards good – and bad – riding rather than being a competition against others. Make a line over the gaps, do something that no one else has done and get rewarded with a fiver in your hand, every time! If you don’t collect it there and then, it’s gone! There is £1000 in fivers to give away, plus product from Dalikfodda, Lobster and 32 outerwear. And, of course, the best ride on the night will be crowned Tranny Finder General 2013. There will be a live band on the slope, complete with a viewing area and drinks/snacks for riders and spectators. This will be THE indoor even of the the summer

JR is already building the course. Jake OE arrives Wednesday. “The wall ride of mild peril” is being constructed as I type. The doom band “Bong Cauldron” will be playing at the bottom of the slope, where there will also be a viewing area and a 360 degree eurocarve ditch. There will be free beers and snacks – pork pies and crisps.
Here’s the winning run from the 2012 Tranny Finder General, Jamie Nichols


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