Every Third Thursday

Every Third Thursday is Signal Snowboards’ revolutionary video series where they document their experiments into board design and execution. Thanks to having their own factory in Southern California, Dave Lee and the Signal crew are able to conceptualise, design and build new snowboards on a daily basis. Some of them are fun, some of them are serious and some can change people’s lives – just like the latest and possibly greatest episode that they have ever done.

Twelve years ago, professional snowboarder Tim Ostler sustained a serious spinal injury while riding halfpipe at Park City, Utah, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. But Tim’s dream of riding again came true after California based snowboard maker Signal Snowboards prototyped a wheelchair-board that rides much like a conventional snowboard.

Not only is this a great feel-good story but it’s also the beginning of what might become a whole new sport for the hundreds of thousands of people who use a wheelchair in their daily life. And judging by how much fun Dave Lee–the host of Every Third Thursday–had riding the sit-snowboard, it may become a fun alternative to traditional snowboarding.

 Tim’s moving story is the latest episode of “Every Third Thursday,” a 10-part web video series that spotlights the creation of unconventional snowboards made by former pro snowboarder Dave Lee and his team at Signal Snowboards in Huntington Beach, CA. “Every Third Thursday” enters its third season this year on Network A, the action sports network on YouTube.

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