Burton x Muhammad Ali!

Right about now every winter is ‘late model season’ where brands bring out their limited edition lines that debut new technology or have an amazing graphic story to tell. Burton’s Muhammad Ali collab is a great example!

b2legacyIt’s a cambered twin tip with a medium flex, which means it’ll work well all over the mountain and won’t fold up on you as you push it. A sintered base will help you keep speed and the Squeezebox construction keeps the weight down and the pop up. Frostbite edges help you keep your grip in icy conditions and the Scoop profile reduced the chance of catching those edges in the park. Check it out on the Burton site now

‘Burton stepped into the ring with the People’s Champion, Muhammad Ali, for a matchup that will go down in historyWhen pioneers see eye-to-eye, it’s only fitting to step into the ring and celebrate with a knockout. Thus the Ali x Burton collaboration brings two legacies together with a limited release board in honor of the People’s Champion, the Greatest, Muhammad Ali’

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