Burton to reissue the Brushie ‘trout’ model?

If you ever take a look at some of the insane prices that vintage snowboards are fetching these days, it’s pretty obvious that there is plenty of love out there for the classic snowboards of yesteryear. There’s quite a few that I wish I’d never sold, but in the early days of snowboarding, selling your current board went quite a way to financing your next.

One of the most iconic of the early pro models was the Burton Brushie ‘trout’ model, which was Jeff Brushie’s first pro board on Burton and was a step up from any other freestyle board out there – and now Burton may well be bringing it back. We first saw this news at the Agnarchy site, so thanks to them for the scoop.

During Peace Park this year, Jeff Brushie was seen riding a new Brushie snowboard, which got the rumour mill turning fast.

Last year the Big B offered a number of classic graphics on the new season Burton Custom, but they’ve gone even more Old Skool with the Brushie as the shape remains the same as the original, just with Burton’s ‘Channel’ insert system and much better construction than the original. The reissue will be a directional, cambered all-mountain freestyle board, with a  narrow waist by today’s standards and just one  length – 157cm

These are going to be in strictly limited numbers and are likely to fly off the shelves, so if you need one – and we know that we do – get in touch with you local Burton dealer today.

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