Angus Leith by James North

Angus Leith

On a perfect day you’ll find me snowboarding or skateboarding, but I’d never cruise the skatepark on a skooter 

What is your UK home mountain? – Cairngorm

What did you get up to last season? – Last season I was just chilling at home in Aviemore, recovering from a torn achilles tendon. It was pretty frustrating because I really wanted to be away filming with Grindhouse and the like. I could actually still ride as long as I was chilling and taking it easy, so it was sort of cool to get to spend a full season on the Cairngorm for once….. Love the good old Gorm shralp.

Describe your riding style in ten words or less – Not really sure how to answer that…. I would let other people be the judge.

Roughly how many days a year do you get on snow – I’d like to think when I am not injured around the 100 mark, but who’s counting? Not enough, that’s for sure.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on? – So many amazing trips its hard to say. One of them for sure was a few years back for a Rome film project called 12 Months. It was the May episode and we just cruised around Austria mainly, for two weeks looking for spots and staying in a camper van. It was sick, building rad spots to sesh then having a fire, beers and the like at night. Such a good time.

What was the last trick you learned? – Not really sure to be honest, it’s been a while because of the injury and that. This year I have just been trying to snowboard again properly.

What was your first ever snowboard set up? – Some ex-rental girl’s Silence board, Burton Freestyle bindings and ex-rental Northwave boots. I was so stoked to have stuff to go shred in.

What are your stance width and angles? – +15 -15 because it feels nice. Not sure ma stance width, don’t have a tape measure handy.

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d been given when you bought your first board? – Don’t be scared, just send it.

Current Set Up 

Board – Rome Artifact. It’s a cambered jib board, but is good on big jumps and on pretty much anything in my opinion. Really, it’s the best, most fun board ever. I’ve been riding this board for years and I really love it.

Back up/quiver board – The Rome Agent or Rome Mod Are both really sick boards as well, but right now I am just riding the Artifact.

Boots – Adidas Samba. They are really nice boots and look fucking sick.

Bindings – Rome 390. A real big fan of these, I always ride this binding and it is just perfect.

Jacket – Adidas do some really sick jackets. I am riding the Civilian Street jacket which is like a coach’s jacket with a waterproof hoody built in, it is rad.

Pants – I have some Adidas Lazy Man Soft Shell pants that are just like waterproof tracksuit bottoms, they are well comfy, love ‘em.

Goggles/sunglasses – Dang. They make some sick shades.

Gloves – Grenade. Any sort of mitt or pipe glove is good for me.

Accessories – I love my Syndicate hoodies and Bawbags underwear. All day

What tweaks do you make to a new set up? – Just round off the edges slightly and get some Butta wax on that base!


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