Rhythm Section Tour

News in from Rhythm’s Section Tour…

Spring is the season where young love blossoms, and so it was with Rolf and Yrwan. Too much time spent together in a van can do strange things to the straightest of men, and amid the powder and sunshine of Hoch Ybrig, a bromance began. In the van, Rolf would compose songs praising Yrwan’s beauty. On the slopes, Rolf became grandma’s frisky poodle, Yrwan the vicar’s leg.

Mike Knobel, our host for the Swiss edition of the Rhythm Section tour, smiled his good-natured smile and continued to dig our best course yet. The following day the snow beat down, the trick wheel span its course, and the local NBC crew ripped the hell out of our hand-shaped course.

Afterwards, we reconvened at Zurich’s HiBye bar for a night of songs, shots and the giving of golden animals. Good times.


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