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Sebbe de Buck

Sebbe de Buck is an exciting individual to watch. Not only does he have a huge bag of tricks, he somehow manages to make everything look good: style is something that doesn’t come easy and it’s made harder when you stand at 6’ 4”. His seemingly natural talent has made him one of the pro and industry insiders’ favourite riders to watch and he has consequently been a stand out rider at The Peace Park, thanks to a personal invitation from Danny Davis. Sebbe has gained mass attention from his video parts with ByndxMdls and his explosive snowboarding at The Nine Knights. Whilst he has been unlucky at some contests of late, it’s clear that this stylish Belgian has many years of impressive snowboarding ahead of him.We caught up with Sebbe to talk about tall man style,  Peace Park, bad judging and much more – by Tom Kingsnorth

Do you think being tall makes tricks harder?

Haha I’m 194cm (6’4”). Maybe in theory it would makes sense that it’s easier to huck when you’re smaller, but I wouldn’t know because I have no idea how it feels to be shorter I guess.

You have been at Peace Park for the past few seasons, how did you end up there and how did you find the experience?

Well Danny Davis invited me haha I’ve been for the past two years and it’s for sure one of the most fun events I’ve been too. A week of shredding a super flowy park, with some of the sickest snowboarders in the game and hanging out all together at the Lodge, jamming out some songs and having a few brews after boarding makes the vibe super loose and laid back. It’s perfect to have a week like that at the end of the season.

Sebbe at Knine Knights. Photo Tom Kingsnorth

Is Peace Park the ideal event for your riding?
Yeah, I think that gets pretty close. Just having the most fun with all the boys on and off the mountain.

You have been a bit unlucky at contests, even though you rode well at practice, is that nerves, the fault of the judges or what?
Nerves for sure come up a bit sometimes and I had some weird moments with the judges a couple of years back. But I don’t know, actually. I don’t really do the standard contest tricks and instead try to mix it up a bit from time to time, maybe that is the reason.

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How do you enjoy contests overall?
They’re really fun when everything goes well and you end up doing well. But it’s so annoying and time wasting when it doesn’t. Afterparties are usually really fun too so that’s nice.

We’ve seen you send it at Nine Knights for the past seasons, what is it about this event that makes you charge so hard?
Yeah, it’s such a fun event. They make the sickest setup that’s perfectly built, which makes it easy to push the limits a bit at the end of the season. There are always super mellow vibes during the whole week, where you can do everything with no pressure.

You filmed with BYNDXMDLS last year, were you happy with your part and are you keen to do more filming this season?
Yeah, I was stoked I got to hang with the boys a bit and get something small together for their movie. I don’t see myself doing contests for much longer and I really want to move over a bit to the filming side of snowboarding so I can’t wait to film a proper full part.

Photo: Matt McHattie

What is your ultimate goal?
I want to give something back to snowboarding, maybe leave a mark here and there but most of all just have the most fun as possible, for as long as I can live this life! It’s a dream coming true to be traveling like this with some awesome people and see the world.

Your mum is a sports trainer, nutritionist and sports therapist: how valuable is it to get that attention at home and does it improve your riding?

She definitely helps when I get back home and I am all beaten up, haha. She fixes me up a bit and puts everything back where it needs to be and then I am all ready to leave the next day!

Photo:Matt McHattie

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