YungDoli Presents GLACIER DRIP

YungDoli presents Glacier Drip at Laax, Switzerland.

Lucas Baume (AKA YungDoli) invited a group of riders to hit a custom hip made out of the last snow of the season up at Laax, Switzerland. The riders who came out to join Lucas was Dominik Wagner, Max, Markus Keller, Jan Scherrer, Marc Schummy, Davide Boggio, plus the filmer and editor Alex Pfeffer.

This video is made to hopefully inspire you to just go out and ride with your fiends if you can! The idea that their is still snow to ride in the late summer is also only possible because of Glaciers, so take some time and find out how you can help act right and save the Glaciers. Glacier Drip.

Film and Edited by: Alex Pfeffer

Made possible with the support from @snowparklaax and @Doodahstore

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