Winter Wars

Need a little more stoke in your life? Whether you’ve managed to get out shredding or not, A good snowboard flick is sure to get you even more amped to ride and we can heartily recommend Winter Wars from Peepshow Films. Available on DVD or iTunes, the movie follows the winter exploits of a female crew as they travel, film shred hard and nail themselves to get the shot.

The third movie by Peepshow Films, features a crew of raw, real, and dangerously fearless girls who take adventure in pushing the boundaries of women’s snowboarding taking it beyond the park into the streets and backcountry. Featuring: Annie Boulanger, Bryn Valaika, Celia Miller, Claudia Avon, Colleen Quigley, Danyale Patterson, Darrah Reid-Mclean, Desiree Melancon, Gabi Viteri, Hana Beaman, Jess Kimura, Laura Hadar, Madison Blackley, Marie Hucal, Gabby Maiden, Robin Van Gyn, Silvia Mittermüller

“Peepshow has always strived to show different aspect of women’s snowboarding. With the release of Winter Wars on iTunes, more people will have access to watch the adventures snowboarding has to offer. Additionally it will greatly help us spread our passion with the boarding enthusiast.” said June Bhongjan, Co-Founder and Director of Peepshow Films

What’s more it’s got the best movie cover shot of the year, full stop.

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