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Check out the report from the ‘Wham Bam Thank You Jam’ event last weekend which WENT OFF!

‘The British Indoor Championships hit Sno!Zone Castleford this weekend with a [and we don’t use this word lightly] radical new event format that saw riders competing for the title in a cut-throat jam session. Consequently, the riding surpassed all previous levels, and it was Andy Nudds and Becky Menday for snowboard and Andy Collin and Molly Summerhayes for Freeski that made the final cut to become the 2012 British Indoor Champions, taking the medals, the cash and a week’s chalet holiday in Morzine courtesy of PRG Ski.

A first in the history of the British Champs, the ‘Wham Bam Thank You Jam’ saw riders progressing through a course of four very distinct zones in an attempt to survive a ruthless elimination process that culminated in one mega shred-off. To sort the men from the boys (and women from the girls, naturally) the course was initially opened up for a mammoth open jam session in order to halve the field.  After which, the remaining riders battled it out in succession at the ‘Trespass District’, ‘Dare 2b Downtown’, and ‘BRITS Backyard’ with the field being repeatedly cut until 4 riders remained to have it out in the ‘Protest Plaza’.  For the kids and youth categories a more formatted approach was retained, giving them 2 single runs to place them in their respective age categories.

The innovative new event format even got head judge Andy Mills reaching for his board, commenting ‘over the years I’ve judged loads of comps but I have never been to one that has made me want to ride again as much as this one has.’

British Indoor Snowboard Championships

During the first elimination round 60 riders were brutally reduced to 34 (12 women 22 men), but surviving each cut and storming in to the finals was Andy Nudds, Jamie Trinder, Matt McCormick and Sam McGrath for the boys, and Becky Menday, Vaila Chapman, Nathalie Silkstone and Cerys Allen for the girls.  True to form, the jam session gave riders an opportunity to set a standard and continually raise it. Predictably, it went mental. Standout mentions go to Jamie Trinder for his Tony-Hawke-key-masher-esque half cab 50/50 frontflip to 50/50 back 180 out on the flat down box….insane. Trinder was just piped at the post by Nuddsy’s ridiculously solid 50/50 transfer to front 270 boardslide.  Becky Menday, winning her first ever overall title showed massive progression with her styled out front 180 to switch 50/50 on the down rail


Men                                                                      Women

1st – Andy Nudds                                              1st – Becky Menday

2nd – Jamie Trinder                                          2nd – Vaila Chapman

3rd – Matt McCormick                                    3rd – Nathalie Silkstone

The youth men’s top spot was taken by one of Scotland’s finest, Matt McCormick, with a solid run that included a cab backside boardslide on the down rail and a 50/50 to frontflip off on the up down gap box.  Second place was claimed by Billy Cockrell closely followed by Jack Taylor.  In the kids category Tomski Robinson put in a solid run to bag himself the top podium spot with a run that included a smooth frontside 270 on to the down box and 50/50 to backside 180 out on the rocket box. Joining Tomski and taking home silver was Leo Fordham, closely followed by Jake Binnee.

The female category certainly didn’t disappoint, Becky Menday cleaned up with a solid run including a backlip on the down rail, front boardslide on the down rail and a 50/50 to front 180 out on the rocket box.  Vaila Chapman and Amber Cordingley joined Becky on the podium to take home silver and bronze respectively. For the girls, Bradie Zimmer-Collins secured first place on the podium with an impressive run that included a 50/50 on the up down box and a switch 50/50 to cab 180 out on the rocket box.  12 year old Cerys Allen took home silver joined by on the podium by 10 year old newcomer Jade Walsh.

For further information check out www.the-brits.com/indoor


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