Carlsberg don’t do Snowboarding trips but if they did…. it still wouldn’t be as good as what our Vans homies put together at Vans Snowboarding Days.

We have just returned from yet another EPIC year, this time hosted in the beautiful Finnish Lapland.

Things kicked off with a product run down on next seasons newness along with the brand strategy for Fall 20.
With industry big wigs present such as Kevin Casillo, Matt Patti, Kyle Martin & Ben Sooprayen, we were in good hands to get us fired up on the new lines.

Vans Snowboarding Days isn’t just a brand presentation, it’s a wear test in the finest of forms.

Following the welcome meeting, we tried on boots for size and put them through their paces on the hill whilst following around the likes of (or should I say, trying to keep up with)  Bryan Iguchi, Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood and the rest of the Euro team legends!

There is no better way to truly understand the innovative technologies and product development behind each boot than to go ride them.
Chuck in a slice of Snowmobiling and an ice lake / sauna session and you’ve got yourself one unforgettable experience.

Thank you Vans for keeping the spirit alive. Keep your eyes out for some more about this trip in next years magazine!

All images below by the French wizard, Matt Georges.

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