Vans Snow Presents: EVERGREEN

Vans Snowboarding presents Evergreen., the second full-length Vans Snow film directed by esteemed filmmaker and photographer, Tanner Pendleton.

Evergreen. captures the natural comradery and genuine friendships between our Vans Snow Family. Over the years, the bond between the Vans Snow team has grown professionally and emotionally through the shared joy of chasing their passions of shredding across the globe.

Featuring Vans riders Sam Taxwood, Kennedi Deck, Jake Kuzyk, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, Benny Urban, Arthur Longo, Darrell Mathes, Dan Liedahl, Blake Paul, Parker Szumowski, Mike Ravelson, and Cole Navin, Evergreen. is a seamless encapsulation of the dynamic styles and personas of the Vans Snow team.

With a combined decades-worth of commitment to snowboarding amongst them, the Vans Snow team’s work ethic is only rivaled by their desire to have fun and support their community through thick and thin. The film’s title, Evergreen., by its very definition, speaks to the enduring quality of these long-lasting friendships made over time. Each person who has a part in this project attributes this bond first and foremost as their driving muse, creating evergreen connections that hope to inspire fans and snowboarders everywhere.

“As a team, everyone grows closer day by day,” commented film director Tanner Pendleton. “As people, we’ve grown as well— both on and off the hill. I love each and everyone in this film so much; I hope that comes through in one way or another.”

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