Vans LANDLINE. Movie

This January, Vans presents the official release of the brand’s long awaited first-ever full-length snowboard film, LANDLINE.

Directed by the progressive filmmaker Tanner Pendleton, LANDLINE. is primarily shot on Kodak 16mm film and conveys a raw, behind the lens perspective of the Vans snowboard team as they travel the globe expressing their creative talents and eclectic personalities. Featuring full parts from Vans seasoned pros, rising stars, and bona fide pioneers of the sport, LANDLINE. embodies the true spirit and culture of modern snowboarding today.

The LANDLINE. global tour kicked off in Innsbruck, Austria where we were present.
We spent the evening, chatting to the riders, drinking beers and frothing at the footage.
Make yourself a cuppa and watch the below video if you want to hear more about the film from the riders perspective.

The spectrum of talent present on the Vans team is what makes it so unique, where you seemlessly go from watching legends such as Jamie Lynn slay the back country to the likes of Dillon Ojo shutting down street spots.

Vans have killed it with this one and it was certainly worth the wait.
Every part is a stand out part and you can clearly see the work and dedication put into this project.

The movie is available for pre order on iTunes now!

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