Vans Infuse snowboard boot

The most complete boot that Vans have ever released, the Pat Moore Infuse offers an unlimited adaptability at its highest standard. Employing the sophisticated and versatile features of the Vans snowboard boot line, the Pat Moore Infuse is a performance driven boot that has been designed to be ridden in every kind snowboard train and can be readily customised to the wearer’s preference thanks to the Hybrid plus technology. Pat said ‘I use all of the customisable features of the Infuse as my season evolves. At the beginning of last season, I set up a new pair by heat molding the liners and using the Boa and lace system to wear the boots at a medium flex to ride park and street. Switching to backcountry, I put in the tongue stiffeners and cranked the Boa down to add support for powder riding. Then, when it was time for spring slush conditions, I took the tongue stiffeners out for a looser boot to just mess around and have fun in’Mon Barbour rode them at Snowboard Spring Break and agreed ‘A solid, well built lace up boot with additional BOA to pull your heel into the back of the boot. Ultracush outsole for superior grip and outer top strap for increased support’.


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