One of the advantages of the growth in popularity is that events are more visible on traditional television, and the latest event to get mainstream coverage is the Burton US Open… As well as live casts on and Red Bull TV you will also be able to catch the event on Sky Sports Mix on a ‘delayed live’ schedule.

2017 Event
Date (GMT)      Prog Start time (GMT)   Prog End time (GMT)      TX duration      Description
Tues 7 March    19:30    22:15    02:45    Men’s Slopestyle Finals
Weds 8 March     19:30    22:15    02:45    Women’s Slopestyle Final
Friday 10 March  18:30    19:00    00:30    Slopestyle Highlights
Saturday 11 March      12:30    14:45    02:15    Women’s Halfpipe Finals
Saturday 11 March      14:45    17:00    02:15    Men’s Halfpipe Finals
Sunday 12 March  20:30    21:00    00:30    Halfpipe Highlights
Archive Highlights – 2017 Event build up
Date (GMT)      Prog Start time (GMT)   Prog End time (GMT)      TX duration     Description
Sun 5 March      18:15    18:45   00:30    2014 Slopestyle Highlights
Sun 5 March      18:45    19:15   00:30    2014 Halfpipe Highlights
Mon 6 March      18:30    19:00    00:30    2015 Slopestyle Highlights
Mon 6 March      19:00    19:30   00:30    2015 Halfpipe Highlights
Tue 7 March      18:30    19:00    00:30    2016 Slopestyle Highlights
Tue 7 March      19:00    19:30    00:30    2016 Halfpipe Highlights 
For the live timings and Complete 2017 Burton US Open Programming Schedule* on and Redbull TV please see below:
*Times are subject to change 

Date/Time Network Event
Tuesday, February 28th:    
5:10pm – 7:30pm GMT Junior Jam Halfpipe 
Wednesday, March 1st:    
4:55pm – 6:10pm GMT Women’s Slopestyle Semi-Finals
7:20pm – 10:00pm GMT Men’s Slopestyle Semi-Finals
Thursday, March 2nd:    
4:55pm – 6:10pm GMT Women’s Halfpipe Semi-Finals
7:20pm – 10:00pm GMT Men’s Halfpipe Semi-Finals
Friday, March 3rd:     
6:00pm – 7:30pm GMT  Red Bull TV & Women’s Slopestyle Finals
9:00pm – 11:00am GMT  Red Bull TV & Men’s Slopestyle Finals
Saturday, March 4th    
6:00pm – 7:30pm GMT  Red Bull TV & Women’s Halfpipe Finals
9:00pm – 11:00pm GMT  Red Bull TV & Men’s Halfpipe

We hope you get to tune in and watch this incredible event unfold and help spread the word so no UK snowboarder misses out! 
Speak to you all soon,



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