Tyler Chorlton is #addictedtopowder

Like almost every other snowboarder, we are all powder addicts. Nothing beats a powder day: The wilds of nature, the sensation of floating, the feeling when your edge engages on a deep slash, the pleasure of watching the spray fly and the peace of the surroundings all contribute to an unsurpassed joy!

To get the most out of your time away from the resort crowds, you need rock solid, reliable gear and this is why we are so proud to present our hi-end special edition line: AddictedToPowder. Developed with Tyler Chorlton: a seasoned pro snowboarder who is equally at home on huge kickers as he is on huge faces. Tyler personally contributed ideas to and tested each item in the range, giving you the comfort of knowing that they have been tried to the limits and can handle whatever conditions your adventures throw at you!
‘I set out to do tricks on various features of all diferent shapes and sizes and most importantly: out of the way of the crowds, in total silence and harmony with the mountain before drop in, into
deeeep pow!’
 Tyler Chorlton

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