Tune in on the 3rd November for The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

We’ve been anticipating watching this movie since we saw the trailer months ago, and finally the movie will be free to watch online at this YouTube link as of tomorrow. Don’t click it now expecting to see the movie – it will go live as of 1700 on the 3rd November.

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding follows legendary photographer Jerome Tanon after he strapped a video camera to his stills camera and recorded three years of trips, sessions and photo shoots. At the end, Jerome had EIGHT DAYS of footage that he has managed to cut down to a 40 something minute movie exploring what he, the riders and everyone are actually trying to accomplish.

Check out the teaser here and tell us you’re not stoked to watch the full movie. Jerome has encourage everyone to watch it with a group of friends as it’s ten times funnier that way. Winter is coming!

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