Tommy Gesme on Salomon Snowboards

The world-class riders on Salomon have been assembled to uphold the definition of a team; they ride together, laugh together, and have a chemistry that makes the Salomon team something special in snowboarding. Tommy joins the Global AM Team rounding out the young cast of talented rippers: Hans and Nils Mindnich, Jesse Paul, Max Buri, Teddy Koo, and Will Smith.

“Tommy just has that smooth style that comes across natural and real.  He’s not doing what he thinks he’s supposed to do; he’s just doing his thing and it’s refreshing as hell to watch.  When multiple team riders speak up about putting someone on, it’s my job to listen; that’s how we do it here.  The whole crew is super down for Tommy and we’re all very hyped to welcome him to the team.” – Kevin Stevenson, Global Sports Marketing Manager

Breaking out at HDHR with a win, Dragon’s “We Are Frameless” tour, and having a stand out part VG’s “Video Gracias”. Tommy has been stacking insane clips, is hungry for snowboarding, and has the humble attitude that fits right in at Salomon.

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