Throwback Thursday: Jamie Lynn – the garden

STAFF PICKS, throwback Thursday.

Today’s throwback has been chosen by The Reasons Editor, head honcho, CEO, El capitan, boss man Ian Sansom.

“And just in time, I’ve finally got round to writing this…

The Garden, a 1994 masterpiece from the brains and creative geniuses at Volcom, was a wake up and call to arms. When it came out, I’d been snowboarding for a few years, enjoying the time I had in the mountains, but The Garden showed me that snowboarding would be a focal point for my life and was something to really believe in. Shot entirely on Super 8 film, The Garden is hardly a technological masterpiece – half of the shots are overexposed and the camera work is shonky at times, but the truth was that DIDN’T FUCKING MATTER.

It’s impossible to watch this movie and not get stoked to ride. And that’s what snowboarding is all about to me. Tricks come and go but the pure energy of shredding with your friends transcends EVERYTHING.

Jamie Lynn’s section, cut to the mellow vibes of Neil Youngs ‘Heart of Gold’ is my favourite section of all time. But the ender, cut to Deep Purples ‘Highway Star’ is every bit as good. 4 1/2 minutes long, it has everything including some of the best riders the world has every seen (Jamie Lynn, Terje, Billy Anderson, Bryan Iguchi and more) – as they camp out in California and tear up the trick rulebook. Cab 9’s may be a normal trick now, 20 years ago they were anything but. And what really comes through is that despite all the progression that is unfolding, this crew is up there for the love of it, not to ‘stack footy’.

Snowboarding rules.”

I could only find a link to the closing part, so sit back and enjoy this one because it’s a classic.

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