Things are looking up for the UK’s Winter

After an autumn of really warm weather (this time last year, the Dalikfodda boys were filming this), the needle’s finally starting to drop on the thermometer and street sessions are going off in Glasgow.

Yesterday, the crew at The Lecht took delivery of a new piste basher to help them groom this winter. The Lecht are widely known as the most pro snowboarding ski hill in Scotland and this addition is just going to help them build more and better features.

This is what they had to say. ‘The new piste basher was finally unloaded at Nevis Range yesterday, in the middle of blizzard like conditions in the car park, fitting for a PistenBully 300 Polar.  Coming from a resort in Switzerland, via the the PistenBully factory in Germany where is was reconditioned, it’s ‘new to Nevis’ with just some 3,300 hours on the clock. We’re looking forward to getting it up and out on the slopes as soon as possible.  Its blade is significantly larger than any of the existing groomers, so will be able to quickly shift 100’s of tonnes of snow around the pistes.  Particularly useful for building jumps and shifting snow in the summit terrain park.  It’s also got a flex-tiller which will leave a cleaner and much better prepared piste than before. Now we just have to wait for enough snow to open!’

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