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The Reason’s Pre-Season Checklist

With the start of the season zoning in on us fast it’s time to start thinking about our kit. If you’ve got the dollar then check out The Snowboard Buyers Guide by The Reason and throw down some fresh, crisp notes in your local shop – by Harri Bennett

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford the luxury of a brand spanking new set up every season so it’s pretty essential to take care of the kit we do have and ensure it’s prepped and ready to last out the upcoming season. We understand the old ‘make do and mend’ necessity of a budget conscious season. With this in mind we’ve come up with a pre season checklist to get you prepped and packed for winter.

Stock up on Duct Tape

Duct Tape is your new best friend when trying to survive the winter on a budget. Always pack more than you think you’ll need, you’ll soon find that it has a plethora of uses; patching up ripped kit, securing Go Pro’s, securing your drunk pal to the wall…. Grab a roll and read on.

Inspect your kit

Grab your Duck tape and a dust mask and pull out your kit from the under the bed, garage, loft, or wherever you’ve been hiding it over the summer months. Lay everything out and sort through what’s good to go, what needs a bit of attention and what needs replacing. At this point you’re bound to find a pile of last seasons unwashed socks so you may as well give it all a blast in that weird machine that magically washes clothes.  If you’re a wizard with a needle, or know someone who is, then any small holes in your outerwear can be easily fixed up, if not that’s where your duct tape comes in.

Goggles scratched? Shop around for a new lens unless you don’t mind paying our for a whole new pair. Scratches in goggles are not good, not only do they mess with your vision but they can let in light if deep enough which can cause permanent damage to you eyes.

Make sure your board bag isn’t falling to pieces, you don’t want everything falling out and getting ruined before you’ve even reached resort Again, any small tears can be patched up with a bit of duct tape or bite the bullet and invest and decent newbie.

Air out your boots

Chances are, your boots stink. If you’re not replacing them then do yourself and everyone else a favour and ensure they are fully dry and get some fresh air inside of them. A bit of bacteria killing Febreze can go a long way too, just saying.

Waterproofing. Do you even?

After time the water repellent technology in our outerwear wears away but never fear, there’s no reason to chuck out your favourite jacket just yet. You can buy waterproofing treatment wash or spray from any outdoor store or your local snowboard shop. The instructions are easy to follow and can be applied to pretty much everything; jacket, pants, gloves, even boots. Treating all your old gear will save you a heap load of cash not to mention some discomfort on a cold, wet day on the hill.

Treat yo’ board

Treat your old girl to wax and service, there are hundreds of videos online if you want to have a go yourself or take it down to your local shop if you’d rather leave it to a professional. Buff her down and fine tune the edges and it will be feeling like a spring chicken once again. You can patch up any dings or scratches with P TEX. Make sure you pack enough wax to last you the season or better, pack more, then trade your mates wax jobs for beer.

Protect your brain!

Make sure you thoroughly check your helmet. If you remember having a particularly bad crash last season or remember dropping it in the car park at your last dome session it may need replacing. With helmets it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Prepare your self

Obviously the right kit is important but maybe what’s more important is you. Your body. Is your body ready to deal with snowboarding all day every day? Injuries suck. Whether it’s a niggling knee pain or a season ender. Surely you want to do everything in your power to keep injuries at bay? Hit the gym, get strong and prepare your body for the season. Improving cardiovascular fitness as well as strengthening through the legs, glutes and core will not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve your snowboarding. Improving your balance, power and endurance; you’ll be comfortable riding all day, tackling all types of terrain, getting radical and even take slams better.

Pain Killers

Trust us, stock up. When hung-over or injured in any foreign country the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out what’s what in an over priced pharmacy where suddenly no one speaks English. Another handy accessory, which may either aid or save in this topic, is the inconspicuous hip flask.

And last but not least…

Condoms. Pack plenty. You can never underestimate how much money, drama, stress, embarrassment and complications these babies (cough) can save you.

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