The Oakley Arctic Challenge – final day

As promised, the weather over Oslo Vinterpark was markedly better this morning and just kept on improving throughout the day, closing out with a blue-bird blazer for the mens final. Before that, Bristol’s Jenny Jones was showing why she’s ranked as one of the best riders in the world and deserves to be thought of as such. It was a nail-biter of a competition but Jamie Anderson took the gold convincingly with Spencer O’Brien using her silky style to take silver, and Double J bringing home the bronze – even Terje liked her boned out 3 off the biggest kicker on the hill.

The men took took the stage and the technicality of the runs became … well… ridiculous. 1260’s, Double BS rodeos – a 10 was a pre-requisite. It seemed every single hit was so fast and hard that a slight mis-judgment meant game over for the whole run. Chas Guldemond established his spot at the top early in the third round and sat in the throne watching each rider attempt to topple him, some came close, but it was the final run of the day, Tyler Flanagan that was closest (only 0.2 points off) which awarded him second, and a very chuffed Sage Kotsenburg took third.

Words and photos by Nathan Gallagher

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