The Oakley Arctic Challenge

We dispatched our faithful photographer and The Reason co-conspirator Nathan Gallagher to The Oakley Arctic Challenge, with the briefest of briefs. Nathan came up through snowboard photography, but has since diversified and spends a lot of his time shooting fashion and brand campaigns, so we figured it would be good to let him off the leash a little, photographically speaking. Last we heard, he was muttering something about medium formats and expensive film. We also asked him to snap a quick shot with his phone (above) and write a few words in between rounds (below)…

“Jenny Jones goes through to The Oakley Arctic Challenge finals, qualifying third, but unfortunately Aimee Fuller didn’t make the cut. It’s “the most challenging course of a very busy year for the riders” according to GB Freestyle head coach Hamish McKnight. Weather has been poor but not insurmountable, tomorrows finals are set to be sunny and epic”

The main event happens today, check back later for da haps

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