The Mega Post

So we have been away for just over a week now testing boars for next season and it looks awesome! This is why the posts have been a little slow so prepare yourself for all the snowboarding goodness that we have missed in one mega post.


The Grindhouse boys have gone off to start work on there new project Hallucinate. This have taken the crew of brits over the pond to Minnesota, and with this some new instagrams.










Marc McClement.

Marc McClement is one of Smokin’ Snowboards’ newest riders, seen here tearing up Braehead’s SnowFactor.

Filmed and edited by Jonnie Lewis



Demons of Doom Killers and TSA rider Charles Clark is based in Bear for this winter, and is one of the best long-term unknown riders the UK has to offer.

He’s doing these Wedit-ensdays (genius name, Charles). A series of park edits from his season.

If he’s anything like us, he’ll do two and then get bored and forget about it for a few weeks.

But we hope not.

(words stolen from

3 Days In Hoff.

This edit was filmed over 3 days at the Vans Penken Park in Mayrhofen Austria. Riding from, Sparrow Knox, Lukas Szendroi, Vince Genannt, Ruben Hubner, Jonny Pickup, Ross Needham. Edit and Filming by Jonny Pickup


Connor Carey 2013 edit

The C-Dog is back with an edit for 2013 – all hail the Bastards!

(sorry Gonzilla i did it again)


Shaun White Eating Sh*t On A Kicker

Skip to 1:05:06 and you can see the run where Shaun scorpions trying a front double.


Shaun White Winning

Shauns winning run after eating shit, fair play.

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