The Final Every Third Thursday of the season..

It’s with something of a heavy heart that we have to post the last Every Third Thursday of the winter from Signal Snowboards. Their monthly explorations into snowboard building are a highlight for us here at The Reason – but the good news is that they’ll be back next year!

Signal Snowboards cap an epic 2012/13 winter with a good old fashioned derby race! Paying tribute to traditional Soap Box Car races, Signal founder Dave Lee rounds up pinewood 2x4s as the foundation for these unique snowboards. The Signal crew then gets to work in the factory planing and gluing the 2x4s to create the base for each board. Custom graphics are added, then it’s time to hit the road to Mammoth Mountain. Snowboarders Ian Thorley, Dylan Synnott, Joey Yorba and friends meet up with Dave to transform these boards into their own custom derby destroyers! With boards assembled the guys hit the hill to compete on their creations. You won’t believe the speed these guys get on 2x4s! Goodbye winter-hello summer 2013!

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