The Eyes Have It

As part of our art show at the Vans Wangl Tangl, the Looking Sideways crew need your help to make some original artwork. To take part, we want your eyes so we can make graphics for a limited edition run of snowboards. It’s easy, and you might just win one of the boards. And even if you don’t win, your eyes will still be part of an amazing, original artwork.

STEP 1: Take a photo of yourself, the nearest person to you (your best friend, cat, mum – whoever), and make sure that their eyes are ‘looking sideways’. Look left or right, we don’t mind.

STEP 2: Email us the picture to or upload it to our Facebook page.

STEP 3: We’ll then add your set of eyes to the live art piece we’re creating at Wängl Tängl, creating a big art piece.

STEP 4: Looking Sideways artists will then work on the mural throughout the event. We’ll document the process before using the final piece to create some original graphics for a set of unique Vans/Wangl Tangl snowboards.

STEP 5: We’ll be picking random winners for the snowboards from those who sent in their eyes, meaning you can get hold of an original limited edition snowboard for nothing more than twenty seconds of your time.

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