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Suzuki Nine Royals – Become a Royal!

Suzuki Nine Royals Invites Up-and-Comers To Join Roster of Pro Athletes

Location: Watles, Venosta Valley, South Tyrol, Italy
Date: 27th of March – 1st of April 2017
Public Contest Day: Saturday, 1st of April 2017

By combining the Knights and the Queens for a unified event, the Suzuki Nine Royals will host some of the world’s most talented male and female skiers and snowboarders at Watles, South Tyrol for a week of progressive riding from March 27th to April 1st, 2017. Since their inception, the Suzuki Nine Knights and Nine Queens have invited young hopefuls to join the ranks with the opportunity to show off their ability and style on a dream feature. This year, the event continues the tradition with the “Become a Royal” Video Competition, which offers a Wildcard in four categories: female snowboarder, female skier, male skier and male snowboarder.

An exciting mix of professional riders will be at the week long progression session including:


– Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas (NOR, snb)

– Anna Gasser (AUT, snb)


– Sebbe de Buck (BEL, snb)

– Simon Gruber (ITA, snb)

Elena Könz
Elena Könz

Become a Royal — Online Video Competition

For a chance to ride the unreal Suzuki Nine Royals feature, send your “Become a Royal” edit featuring your best tricks and favourite style on various features. The deadline is February 26th, 2017. More details and all entries on can be found on www.nineknightssnow.com.

hailey langland
hailey langland

Be there to watch the action live during the Public Contest Day on April 1st, 2017 at Watles, South Tyrol in Italy.
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All Queens
All Queens

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