Stay Sky; A Brief History Of Sky Siljeg – Lib Tech Skates Mini Documentary

 You’re probably already more than familiar with Lib Tech snowboards, the Pacific Northwest’s revolutionary snowboard factory that has been pumping out Eco friendlier snowboards for coming up to three decades. You may not be quite as familiar with other tentacles of Lib Tech’s business, which includes Lib Twch Surfboards and Lib Tech Skateboards, both lines which feature new methods of construction and Eco-friendlier tech.

A couple of weeks ago,  Lib Tech Skateboards turned Sky Siljeg pro and the accompanying edit blew up the internet. But Sky has been Lib Tech Skateboards for almost 15 years of heir 20 year history and to celebrate, Lib have released a Sky Siljeg mini documentary.
From their press release

‘We’ve been making skateboards, using the world’s most environmentally nicer manufacturing practices, for almost 20 years, and for 15 of those Sky Siljeg has been riding with us. Sky and Lib Tech Skate histories run deep as you can see in this short documentary “Stay Sky” that dives in to a little of the history behind Seattle’s child skate contest star turned free flowing, free expressing four wheeled artist and new Lib Tech Skate professional. Enjoy the vid, check out the line and get out there and skate!’

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the pro skate edit, it’s well worth your time.

  Lib Tech Skate is proud to release it’s latest line of Technologically Tougher boards! It was a fun week of Sky Siljeg turning pro, visiting Washington skate parks, piles loving tiles and raising money for future park builds. Now that the coping dust has settled we are stoked to introduce the entire Lib Tech Skate line; The Sky High, The Sky High Asym, The Bowl Troll, The Rat Tail, The All Terrain Pill and The Jamie Lynn Cruisers, all handcrafted by skateboarders at our Sequim, WA factory (near Canada) using our proprietary Exo-skeletech construction.  

Check out the website here


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