Staff Picks: Lib Tech Stump Ape

At over 28cm at the waist, this board is too big for almost everyone. So why am I reviewing it?

If I’m honest, The Lib Tech Stump Ape is not the right board for me. It’s intended to let bigger guys ride shorter boards and get stoked on the ’short boards in powder’ revolution that is sweeping the sidecountry.

BUT! Just look at this thing! If there’s ever been a better graphic on a snowboard, then I’m yet to see it. Maybe, just maybe, the Terje wooden sword edges it, but give this board a few years and people will be getting just as misty eyed over the Stump Ape’s graphical brilliance. Of course, the ‘Goblin puking a watery skull’ motif may not be for everyone, but those people are weaklings and charlatans.

If you’re a bigger person who is a solid powerful rider, then the Lib Tech Stump Ape’s 157 length and gargantuan 280 mm waist width offers the surface area and float of a boat, while remaining agile and nimble underfoot. I rode the Stump Ape’s smaller brother, the Lib Tech Mayhem Short Fat and it was utterly incredible, too. Enjoy, my Neanderthal siblings!

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